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Board Certified Advocate in Special Education

Sarah is…

  • An Executive Function Expert

  • An international speaker

  • An autism specialist with the state of California

  • A published author

  • A 504 and IEP expert

  • Recognized for effectiveness and innovation

  • A veteran Education Specialist

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Her disability and motivation to create change

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Happy Student

"Our son is finally getting what he needs at school. Sarah's advocacy made all the difference!"

Monica, Parent, California

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with experience in all seats at the IEP table

You're looking for an advocate to help guide you through the Special Ed process. Maybe you need some help securing better services or accommodations. Or, maybe you need support in making sure the school team is following the IEP with fidelity. 

I get it. 

As a student, I was on an IEP for speech and adaptive PE. While I loved the support I got, I also had to miss class to receive the help and ending up with double PE! With a physical disability, double PE was particularly awful! I was also never invited to attend my IEPs, so I felt confused and lost, always wondering what was "wrong" with me. 

As a teacher, I discovered that things hadn't changed much at schools since I graduated. Well-intended supports were either inconsistent or required students to miss out on class time. Accommodations were sometimes skipped or denied, depending heavily on the teacher's perspective. 

I found myself stuck between doing the right thing for kids--offering needed services or wanting to improve accommodations--and keeping my job. I wore my "black sheep" hat proudly, but I struggled with the battle to do the right thing.

In my professional roles, I've been able to advocate and advise parents (outside of my own school district, of course), helping them better prepare for and navigate the IEP and 504 journey. With my help, parents have worked with schools to create effective plans, helping their children soar!

When my own disability  necessitated my leaving teaching, I knew it was time for advocacy! I completed my Board Certification in December 2021, and I am truly thrilled to team up with you in support of your child!

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Proud Member

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